Quality Assurance

The Pyramid Group specializes in Quality Assurance in the academic field focusing on standards and guidelines for quality assurance with a special focus on the European Higher Education Area (ESG) and furthermore provides Bologna Process ECTS module training and CEFR training.

TPG believes that a professional Quality Management System in an national and international project is one of the most important tools in achieving optimal project results as exemplified in its QA experience in Grundtvig, Tempus and CBHE focusing on IT, ESP, Testing and Assessment, Vocational Education, Marketing etc and from its engagement in providing education services to German multinationals such as Voith (energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive), TII Group (heavy-duty vehicles), Liebherr (mobile cranes) and PERI (formwork and scaffolding). TPG was also instrumental in introducing Bologna Process training particularly in ECTS and TUNING module systems at TU Dresden, one of Germany’s Universities of Excellence.

TPG sees the aim of quality assurance from internal and external perspectives as providing certainty that all requirements from the various activities planned in the project proposal and good governance approaches are fulfilled during the project lifespan. Project success is assessed against the goals set in the proposal and activity plans within the work packages.

TPG understands quality as achieving the aims from which measurable evidence is secured and careful documentation of the work scaffolds and ensures this process. It employs a four-step cycle for constant improvement referred to as the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) approach.

TPG views its QA task as setting up professional methodologies, criteria and performance indicators for the control of procedures and processes and conducting regular surveys in the area of needs analysis and satisfaction in addition to the provision of QA Audits using experts whose reputation and credentials demonstrate their specialization in the field of QA.