Online Training

The technology used includes WebEx, Adobe Connect, Illuminate, Skype and Moodle.


The Pyramid Group has a specially developed Global Training Concept which is adapted accordingly to ensure maximum return on investment. This concept is based on the idea of expanding the well-organized Technical English training programme used at company headquarters to include subsidiaries and branches around the world.


Although the focus is very much on Technical English, there is considerable potential here to also include other important categories such as Business English as well as department-related themes such as HR and Finance. Other relevant Technical English aspects could also be added to the programme without any problem.


The proposed project would involve integrating an online platform for live sessions. One possibility is to use the in-house IT resources a company already has or using other available options such as Adobe Connect and WebEx.


Total number of users, e.g. 500 – 10,000 and more. All programmes are tailor-made to ensure the maximum return on investment.