International Projects

The Pyramid Group has been involved in a number of international projects and activities including World Bank projects. In the EU sphere it has been involved either as a full partner or has worked together with universities and NGOs in the Tempus and Erasmus Mundus+ programmes.


It has supported the GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) with vocational education initiatives in Asia. Furthermore it is a partner with iMOVE, – Training Made in Germany – an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and part of the international division at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB). This exemplifies the public-private partnership approach and demonstrates the Pyramid Group’s involvement in both academic training and in managerial and administrative inputs.


It works closely with the Dresden University of Technology in a range of EU projects but has additionally worked with other leading UK, Italian, Swedish, Irish, Czech, Greek, Polish and Slovak third level institutions.


It has also been involved in teacher training supported internal EU projects. The Introduction to Teaching English for Legal Purposes (ITELP) and Introduction to Teaching English for Technical Purposes (ITETP) courses formed the basis of a comprehensive ESP training programme which provided expert support for those wishing to extend their teaching activities in these specialist subjects.


The Pyramid Group offers a large range of quality specialist industry and academic training (EAP/ESP) in the area of legal (national and international), political science, IT, EMI, technical, HR, insurance, logistics, construction, environmental studies and business administration as well as providing translations and interpreting in 58 languages. Its differentiated English language training in communication skills and in terminology acquisition in these fields uses both traditional and also ICT approaches. It is also a leading provider of Blended Learning training (our colleagues Pete Sharma and Barney Barrett are co-authors of Blended Learning (Macmillan Publishing). eBooks World and The French Business Academy are also part of the Pyramid Group.


It additionally specialises in Quality Assurance in the academic field focusing on standards and guidelines for quality assurance with a special focus on the European Higher Education Area (ESG), and furthermore provides Bologna Process ECTS module training and CEFR training.


The Pyramid Group employs staff from leading UK and German universities (including Hamburg, St. Gallen, Ulm, Dresden) and has given its own workshops and conducted training for universities thus cementing the links between academica and industry and providing up-to-date expertise. Pyramid trainers are respected authorities in their fields and are qualified both as teaching professionals as well as in their chosen subject with numerous publications to their names.


Clients in industry include Voith (energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive), TII Group (heavy-duty vehicles), Liebherr (mobile cranes) and PERI (formwork and scaffolding) – all global leaders in their respective fields. Pyramid also offers EU Erasmus+ sponsored teacher training courses.


EU Tempus and Capacity Building in Higher Education projects have included:

  • Promoting Sustainable Excellence in Testing and Assessment of English (PROSET) (JEP-2011-2014)with Russian Ministry of Education
  • REMARK – Retraining in Marketing (JEP-27066-2006-2009 – Russia)
  • Bologna Process Promotion in Tajikistan through the Reorganisation of International Relations Offices (JEP – 27129 – 2006-2009)
  • Higher Education Initiative for Informatics in Central Asia (JEP – HEICA – 2009-2012) – Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan
  • English for All (JEP – 510941 – 2010-2013) – Middle East
  • ASPIRE ( – Access to Society for People with Individual Requirements (JEP-530345-2013-2016) – Armenia and Georgia

In the EU Erasmus+ Capacity Building projects the Pyramid Group has been involved in staff retraining for library staff in the public sector in two Library Network Support Services Modernization projects (one in Belarus, Armenia and Moldova) and a second in the Western Balkans (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro).


In 2017, Pyramid was selected to participate in further EU projects as part of EU consortiums. Projects are taking place, for example, in developing a core curricula in Vocational Education for Vietnam and Laos (2017-2021 – and in Information Literacy in the Russian Federation, China and Kazakhstan (2017-2020 –


In 2021 the Pyramid Group supported and won the KA2 EU project – Solutions for Unified Communication Competences for Engineering Students and Specialists (SUCCESS)