The Pyramid Group
“Local Presence & Global Competence”

A Leading Global Technical English Training Provider
The Pyramid Group is also a leading global provider of specialist English Training (ESP), e.g. English for the legal, medical, technical, HR, insurance, maritime, logistics and construction sectors.

Our highly experienced team of trainers and consultants have a “dual qualification”: not only do they the required industry and business background but are also qualified language trainers.

In addition to quality face-to-face-training, a comprehensive online programme plays a very important part in The Pyramid Group’s activities.

These also include:

  • Translations and interpreting in 58 languages
  • eBooks World (a publishing platform including ebooks and print-on-demand)
  • Pete Sharma Associates (use of technology in the education and training sectors)
  • Official partner of the Technical University Dresden (EU-sponsored projects)
  • Partner of Swansea University (UK)
  • The French Academy
  • The Chinese Academy
  • Exclusive Business and Specialist German training programme

We are headquartered in Ulm, Germany, have offices in over 50 countries around the world such as Brazil, Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, Botswana, UK, Italy, France, Thailand and China, and have been involved in a large range of international projects and activities.

Paul East, CEO of The Pyramid Group, is President of the International Association of Technical English Trainers (IATET). He was also a board member of EULETA (European Legal English Teachers’ Association) and IATEFL BESIG Joint-Coordinator (world’s largest Business English teachers association).
The Pyramid Group provides expert support for those wishing to extend their language skills or teaching activities in specialist subjects.

Technical English
The Pyramid Group is a global leading provider of Technical English with its highly experienced team of experts. We cover all areas of Technical English training with our comprehensive programme which also includes a range of online options. Pyramid also offers a free Technical Word of the Week Newsletter which is designed for use by Technical English learners as well as trainers. We have subscribers in over 90 countries. Send a mail to for more details.

The Pyramid Group has a dedicated website for Technical English which highlights the comprehensive overview of our specialist Technical English training programme. Click here to go to

New Asia Partnership
The Pyramid Group is proud to announce a new partnership with Hong Kong-based, Professor Vijay Bhatia.
More details here

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