Pyramid Overview

The Pyramid Group is a leading global provider of specialist English Training (ESP), e.g. English for the Legal, Medical, Technical, HR, Insurance, Maritime, Logistics and Construction sectors.


In addition (with its academic and industry connections and experience) it focuses on specialist entrepreneurship-related consultancy and training in Human Resources, Marketing, IT, Quality Assurance, Finance, Management and Leadership, etc conducted using English, German, Chinese and Russian as the medium of instruction (See Specialist Consultancy, Pyramid International, EU Projects).


The highly experienced team of trainers and consultants have a “dual qualification”: not only do they possess the required industry and business background but are also qualified language trainers which is an important quality assurance asset. They have a wealth of industry-specific knowledge, cultural inputs and insights that normal teachers do not possess (See also EU Projects and Pyramid International).


In addition to quality face-to-face training, a comprehensive online programme is increasingly playing a very important part in The Pyramid Group’s activities.


These also include:

  • Translations and interpreting in 58 languages
  • eBooks World (epublishing and POD)
  • a partner in Pete Sharma Associates, a leading provider of training that focuses on the integration of educational technology into the language courses (learning technologies for language organisations and language teachers)
  • project partner with Technische Universität Dresden, Germany, Edge Hill University, UK, Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland, University of Crete, Greece in EU Capacity Building in Higher Education projects
  • exclusive Business German training programme


The Pyramid Group is headquartered in Ulm, Germany and has offices in over 50 countries around the world.


Paul East, CEO of The Pyramid Group, is President of the International Association of Technical English Trainers (IATET). Up to 2012, he was also a board member of EULETA (European Legal English Teachers’ Association), and was IATEFL BESIG Joint-Coordinator from 2009 – 2011 (world’s largest Business English teachers association).